Thursday, November 5, 2009

lending voice

I'm at the stage now, where I get to change my voice. I never realized just how much the various aspects of speech contribute to how the world views who you are.
From Pitch and tone to the what that things are said, there is soo much to learn.
So if your around me, bear with with my as I sort this out. I was considering a surgically implanted clip on my vocal chords, kind of a lazy persons approach. However I have to think about upcoming surgeries, and other medical emergencies down the road. The clip actually can make to process of intubation difficult. I'd rather not be in need of dire help and have some doctor having a hard time intubating me and not knowing why he can't.
So voice coaching it is. I've though about it alot, and traditional voice coaching seems to be the most effective and the safest way to go. So no it's not your ears playing tricks on you, it's actually me learning something new

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