Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I have returned

It has been my intention to do a lot of work on this blog. However being a writer writing my novels has taken a higher priority. I feel guilty because this blog can be a huge service to my brothers and sisters in the trans community. In general I am a very confident woman, but today I broke new ground for myself without even thinking. I applied for a job, I am super qualified for the job and I am probably one of their most qualified applicants. The challenge comes from the fact that I have never had a job interview in 12 years. Most of the jobs that I have had have come to me. Now here I am a potential candidate for a great job and I will face the dreaded interview. I have never been to an interview since I transitioned. Once again I am in a spot that that I never planned for. How is this going to be different? What the heck do I wear. I try to never go over the top. My worst fear is to go to something like this and coming across like a side show. I know about that it is an irrational but for the first time in my transition I have real anxiety. As emotional as this is I know that I will come out stronger.....but argh the nervousness. This job would be a huge leap forward and I want it. So I have to suck it up.

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