Sunday, July 26, 2009

Consolidated Gender Identity

So here is something that may shed a bit more light on this process. It's called consolidated gender identity. It's something that I have to demonstrate as part of my transition regimen.
What it is having the understanding that although I'm female, I don't have to give up things or activities or parts from my previous life. For example, I like to tinker around fixing bikes and things, I'll still be at it. Essentially I have to show an understanding that although I am having a gender change, I'm not having a brain transplant.
I believe the point of this is to ensure that the patient realizes that after the shift that they'll still be the exact same person just renovated.
I've thought about this alot since I talked about it with Rainey last week. It makes alot of sense to me. As I am going through all this I still feel like the same person, just far more centered. It's hard to even fathom that someone could go through this and feel like the same person.
Over the past few weeks I have finally found a couple of people who are struggling with this issue a bit.
Change scares people, massive change can be really taxing for some.
In both cases I can see their points however, they need to understand that when you look at my being as a whole, I'm really not changing all that much. We can still talk about the same stuff and do the same things. I just look a little different.
Another thing that I have realized is that it's ok to have drive again. I guess that all this change , coupled with a complete change in hormones has left me a bit fogged in. I can feel myself coming out of it and returning to my old driven self.
I'm dropping all the procrastination and pushing the throttles in my life back to full. I have goals and plans again, which is more than I can say for myself in the last year and a half. Having to deal with a divorce and a transition has taken a much higher toll on me than I have realized.
I have alot to get done. It's kick off time. Apologies to anyone who I have stretched the patience of.
I'll be back to my same old self now, just in a skirt he he.
PS the pic in this article is not me, She is a friend who I did a photoshoot with, I just like the shot

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